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Understanding the Transcript of Records for the KfW Student Loan
Understanding the Transcript of Records for the KfW Student Loan

Get insights into the "Leistungsnachweis" - what is it, where to obtain it and when it is needed for your KfW student loan application.

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What is the Transcript of Records for the KfW Student Loan?

The transcript of records, often referred to as "Notenspiegel" or "Leistungsnachweis" by some universities, is an official confirmation and proof of your academic progress. It reflects the number of credit points (ECTS) or examination achievements you have successfully completed up to a certain point in your academic journey. Specifically, for the KfW student loan, you must have completed 90 ECTS or 50% of your study credits by the end of the 6th semester.

The Importance of the Transcript of Records

If you are at an advanced stage of your studies, typically in the 7th semester or beyond, the KfW wants to ensure that you will successfully complete your academic program. As a result, a proof of your academic progress becomes crucial, as it allows you to demonstrate that you have achieved the required performance within the first 6 semesters of your course of study.

Information Displayed on the Document

To meet the KfW's requirements, the "Leistungsnachweis" must contain specific information to be considered valid. The following details must be clearly visible on the document:

  1. Your university's name.

  2. Your enrolled course of study.

  3. The current semester in which you are studying.

  4. The number of ECTS or examination achievements you have successfully completed.

  5. The semester in which each examination was passed (or the exact date).

  6. If applicable, the university's signature or confirmation.

Exceptions to Note

While the transcript of records is a standard requirement, there are a couple of exceptions to be aware of:

  1. Master's Programs: If you are enrolled in a Master's program, you are exempt from submitting a proof of your academic progress for the KfW Student Loan.

  2. Programs Leading to State Examination: In some academic programs that lead to a state examination/first degree, ECTS or credits may not be used. In such cases, the KfW requires the certificate of the intermediate examination, which must also be completed within the first 6 semesters.

Obtaining Your Transcript of Records

Acquiring your transcript of records is typically a straightforward process. Most universities and colleges provide it directly online through their student portals. If you have not received it yet, it is best to get in touch with your university's registrar's office. They will assist you in issuing the required verification.

An Alternative Approach

Alternatively, if your university doesn't provide access to such a proof, there is another way to fulfill the KfW's requirements. You can ask your university to fill out and confirm the KfW form ("Alternative 2" on the form).

In this case, your university must enter the date when you reached 90 ECTS or 50% of the required achievements within the field "Es wird bescheinigt, dass am". Care must be taken to ensure that the correct date is entered, as misunderstandings can lead to rejection of the verification.

KfW form for the transcript of records
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