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Maximizing Your Study Financing: Customization Options for the KfW Student Loan
Maximizing Your Study Financing: Customization Options for the KfW Student Loan

Customize your KfW student loan for optimal study financing. Adjustments for amounts, termination, and more. Discover possibilities.

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Adjustment options for the KfW student loan: Customize your study financing

The KfW student loan is highly flexible.

Upon signing the loan contract, the KfW provides access to their loan portal, where you can make numerous changes and requests regarding your student loan. To ensure security, the login details for the portal are sent by mail in two separate letters, typically arriving within 1–2 weeks.

Adjusting the Monthly Amount

During the disbursement phase of the KfW student loan, you have the flexibility to adjust your monthly payment between €100 and €650. This means that, theoretically, you can receive a different amount each month based on your needs. However, it's important to note that the adjustment of the monthly amount is only possible from the second supported semester, after the loan has been extended for the first time.

To ensure the new amount is paid out in the following month, you must submit the change request by the 15th of the month. Additionally, after the 6th semester and under certain circumstances, you have the option to set the monthly payout amount to €0 temporarily. This can be beneficial if you don't currently require funds but want to keep the option open for future payments. To do this, you must arrange an interest deferral with the KfW in advance. Before the 6th semester, it is recommended to set the amount to the minimum of €100 and increase it later if necessary, as setting it to €0 is not yet possible.

Termination of Disbursement

If you wish to stop the disbursement phase of your KfW student loan, you can do so until the 15th of a month through the KfW's online portal. By terminating the disbursement, no further payments will be made from the 1st of the following month, and the loan will automatically enter the grace period. You can also find more detailed information about the grace period and subsequent repayment within our help center.

If your loan is already in the grace or repayment period, you have the option to switch back to the disbursement phase upon request. In such cases, KfW will evaluate the possibility of resuming payments, and it is recommended to contact them directly to discuss any details, for example by phone at 0800 539 9003.

Vacation Semesters

During a vacation semester, disbursements are automatically paused and will resume once you are enrolled again. The KfW student loan allows for up to four semester breaks in total during the funding period. These breaks do not affect the eligible semesters and simply put the loan on hold.

To request an extension of your loan during a vacation semester, you need to submit a certificate of enrollment through the KfW portal, similar to any other semester. The extension process should be carried out as usual, ensuring that the certificate of enrollment indicates the semester break. Failure to submit the required documentation may result in the loan entering the grace period. If the loan is in the grace period, you will need to submit an application for resumption, which can be done by contacting the KfW.

Changing Your Study Program

The KfW student loan understands that students may decide to change their study program or university. Such changes do not automatically end the disbursements. Each semester completed in the initial study program before the change is counted as an eligible semester. The change does not impact the deadline for providing proof of academic achievement.

For instance, if you are eligible for funding for a total of 8 semesters and decide to change after the 3rd semester, you can still be funded for an additional 5 semesters in the new study program or at the new university. The number of eligible semesters is determined at the time of contract signing and is stated in the contract under section 1.1.

Seeking Assistance and Support

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the adjustment options mentioned above, we encourage you to reach out directly to the KfW. Alternatively, you can also contact us via chat or email at [email protected].

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