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Explore deineStudienfinanzierung: Key Facts at a Glance
Managing Your Study Loan Applications with deineStudienfinanzierung
Managing Your Study Loan Applications with deineStudienfinanzierung

Keep track of your applications: Learn how to check your open and completed study loan applications.

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Your Home Page: A Comprehensive Overview

Open Applications: Stay on Track

Through our home page, you always have a view of your open applications. There, you can see your monthly entitlement, funding period, progress, and proceed with the next steps for the application by clicking "Fortsetzen" ("Continue").

Here's how the home page looks if you have started an application but haven't completed it yet πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

Home page showing an open application for the KfW student loan

Completed Applications

Your home page also serves as a repository of completed applications that have successfully moved into the disbursement phase. These applications are marked with a 100 % application status or the note "In der Auszahlung πŸ’³" ("In Disbursement") displayed next to the status.

This clear indication ensures that you can easily identify which products or applications have reached the disbursement stage.

Example of a completed application in the disbursement phase:

Example: Completed application for the KfW student loan

Rejected Products

Occasionally, an application for the KfW student loan may face rejection due to certain requirements not being met. In such cases, the rejected application will no longer appear on your home page.

It is important to note that initiating a new application under similar circumstances will likely lead to another rejection. Instead, we encourage you to reach out to us via chat if you have any questions or concerns about the rejection.

Our dedicated team will work closely with you to explore alternative solutions and ensure your study financing needs are met.

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